How to edit your personal profile in Secure Mail

Secure Mail users may customize the look of their user profile.

1. After logging into your account, click on your name in upper right corner of Secure Mail, to expand the 'Preferences’ panel.  Then click on the My Profile. 

This will display your current profile settings including your photo and contact information.

Note: This information is visible to other Secure Mail users.

To update this information click the Edit profile button at the top of the screen.

From the edit screen you may:

  • Edit your Profile Info:
  • Upload a photo of yourself by clicking on the Change button to the right of the current profile picture.  If no profile picture is available a SecureMail logo will appear.
  • Update your name, email address or Specialty
  • Change My Secure Mail Preferences:
  • Change the ‘Signature’ added in the body of the non-secure email section of each Secure Mail you send.

Note: You can chose to have the subject line from your Secure Mail messages display in the non-secure email notifications sent to your colleagues’ regular email account.  By default the subject line does NOT appear in the non-secure email notifications.  To change this, check the box Display my Secure Mail subject

  • Change the Notifications 3M Secure Mail sends you:
  • You can choose which actions the system will automatically notify you of by checking the boxes in each area.

Note that after making any changes to these settings you will need to click the Save Changes button and enter your password to confirm the updates.

It is also possible to make other changes from the ‘Edit Profile’ screen by selecting the corresponding button:

  • Change password


  • Change email – NOTE: changing this email will change the users username as well as the regular email address to which notifications are sent by 3M Secure Mail.



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