Can I remove the annotations from images that have been sent to me?

The Image Viewer allows users to add arrows with attached text boxes (otherwise known as annotations) to attached image files.


Once created and saved by the creator, annotations cannot be deleted except by the user who created them. However you can toggle (hide) the visibility of the annotations if they obscure your view of the image. You can also move (reposition) the annotations.

To hide the annotations:

Press the toggle annotation icon  which is located on the image tool bar.

To show the annotations:

  1. Press the toggle annotation button again and the annotations will reappear.

To move the annotations:

Once the annotation is saved, the arrow and text box portions of the annotation can be repositioned.

  • To reposition the text box, simply click and drag in the gray area of the box.
  • To reposition the arrow, click and drag the tip of the arrow.


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