How to Use the Image Viewer for Images

The image viewer in Secure Mail allows users to view and manipulate image files (.jpeg, .png, .gif) without downloading the image to their computer.

Note: To view images within Secure Mail you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. To download the latest version of Adobe Flash click the link provided below.


To view an image file:

  1. Navigate to the image attached to a Secure Mail message
  2. Click on the Image Viewer . This will open the image within the viewer window. 


In the upper left corner of the image viewer is the Image Toolbar—this toolbar enables you to interact with the displayed image.

  • Use the Magnifying Glass tool to get a zoomed view of the image.

To use the tool, select the button with a single click, then double click anywhere on the image to zoom in for a detailed view.

Click and drag the image to reposition it in the viewer window.

Use the reset button to undo any changes.

  • Click the Brightness & Contrast tool to adjust the brightness and contrast of an image.
  • To use this feature, select the Brightness & Contrast icon then click and drag inside the image viewer to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Use the reset button to undo any changes.Click the Annotation tool to make notes directly on an image.

Select this tool from the toolbar, then click and drag on the image to draw an arrow to an element you wish to highlight.

Type your comment into the text box, when satisfied with the comment click the checkmark to finalize the note.

You may delete annotations by clicking on it and pressing the delete button or reposition the pointer by double clicking on an existing annotation to edit or delete it if desired.

Note that you may turn off the visibility of the annotations by clicking on the  hide annotation icon

  • Click the Download Original File button to download the image to your computer.
  • Click the Reset the Image tool to bring the image back to its default form.


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