What types of Files may I view in Secure Mail?

Secure Mail allows the sharing of almost any type of file.  All files may be downloaded and opened and viewed in a locally installed application if desired, click the Down Arrow Icon  to begin the download.

In addition users may also view some file types directly within Secure Mail.

Any file that is viewable will display a View icon  that looks like an eye.  Click the view icon to launch the image or 3D model viewers.

Images: Image types that are viewable in Secure Mail include .jpg, .gif and .png.  (see to find out how to use the Image Viewer).

Note: DICOM files are not viewable in Secure Mail.

3D Models: Secure Mail supports the display of solid 3D models in the .stl format.  Files of this type are indicated by a green icon as below.  (see to find out how to use the 3D model viewer).


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