How to use the 3D Viewer

  • 3M Secure Mail allows you to preview and manipulate .stl filetype 3D models (which have been attached to Secure Mail messages) within the web-interface. You can also download the individual models.

Note: To view a 3D model within 3M Secure Mail you will have to have the latest version of Unity Player installed. Below is a link to download the latest.

  • 3D Model attachments will appear as green thumbnail-icons along in the same area as other attachments to the message.  


To view a 3D Model:

  1. Navigate to the 3D Model attached to a Secure Mail message
  2. Click on the 3D Model thumbnail, or the Image Viewer .  This will open the 3D Model within the viewer window.



Note: If multiple 3D models are attached to the same message the 3D viewer will combine them into a consolidated view.

For example the message below has X different 3D Models attached.  Each 3D Model is listed as a separate attached file. When you view any of the files, all of the files will be shown by the 3M Viewer.

To manipulate a 3D Model:

  • To rotate the 3D model in the viewer: use the right mouse button to click and drag on the model.
  • To zoom: use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • To make one of the models transparent: The slider(s) in the top right corner of the 3D viewer adjusts the transparency of a model. Transparency can be adjusted from 0% (no transparency) to 100% (invisible). 

Note: when multiple 3D Models are displayed simultaneously, each model has its own slider.

  • To return the models to their original positions: Clicking on the square icon above the transparency sliders.The model will revert to the starting zoom level and orientation.


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